Just a small sample of our graduates and where they are now

Spotlight Graduate

Ernesto Camaraza, Graduated 2008
First Officer, Spirit Airways

Ernesto began his pilot career with a lot of energy an a strong desire to succeed. He began flying in 2007, worked for ADF as a dispatcher, customer services agent, and enrollment officer. After graduating from both ADF Airways and Miami Dade College, Ernesto went on to fly for Sky Ways aviation, where he earned his ATP and became a Captain. Ernesto is now a First Officer at Spirit Airlines, which is perfect since Ernesto’s high spirits and dedication to success are a great part of what helped him succeed at ADF Airways.

Andrea Ospina

First Officer, COPA Airlines

Carlos Brandt

Capt, Corporate Charter

Juan Sebastian Badel

First Officer, Avianca Airlines

CFI Alex

First Officer, American Eagle

Spotlight CFI

Carlos Zapata
First Officer, Atlas Air

All of our instructors are outstanding. Every once in a while, an instructor shines so brightly that everyone knows he or she is on a fast track to success. One example is Carlos Zapata, who came to ADF as an Embry Riddle Graduate. Carlos Instructed with ADF from 2009 to 2011, demonstrating the characteristics that all of our instructors strive to achieve: professionalism, superior knowledge, and an overwhelming desire to help his students succeed.  Carlos now flies 747s for Atlas Air, and we are proud to have had him as part of our family.

Richard Irigoyen

Captain, LAN Ecuador

Eddy Guzman

Captain, Aerogal Avianca Ecuador

John Madriaga

First Officer, Madriaga, Lineas Areas Venezuela

Santiago Hernandez

First Officer, Avianca

Roberta Veran

First Officer, Azul

Diego Moreano

Captain, Qatar Airlines

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