COVID-19 Test Results or Proof of Vaccination

*This is not an automatic system. All tests are updated around 7PM Monday through Saturday, and 4PM on Sundays. *

*Make sure your name, sample collection/ appointment completed date, and results are included in your submission.

  • Currently accepted tests:
    PCR (nose and mouth swab)

In the case of vaccination proof

If Pfizer or Moderna you can send a picture or scan of the record card after receiving any dose since it’s an important metric for us. Nevertheless, your proof of vaccination will not be processed until 15 days have passed after the second dose.

J&J vaccine. Send it after 15 days of the first and only dose.

The immune response happens around 15 days after the vaccination is complete. After those days have elapsed, you will not be required to get tested anymore.

*remember, all medical certificate holders must wait and not fly for 48 hours after receiving a vaccine for COVID-19

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