Transitioning from a piston engine airplane to a JET can be overwhelming, intense, and extremely fast pace; others even have compared it with someone trying to drink water from a fire hose at full blast.

Here at ADF Flight School, we have designed and implement a unique jet transition course with the primary goal of giving you the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary for the airline’s initial training, type ratings, and more Giving you an advantage over any other applicant, even if you haven’t yet finished your commercial pilot training.

Course Outline

Jet Transition course consists of four different stages.


In this self-placed first stage, you will focus on learning Airbus 320 systems, procedures, and limitations using our utterly online learning management system training solution provided by CPat Global.

“Since 1994, CPaT Global has been the leader in E-Learning Solutions for Airlines, Training Organizations, Aircraft Maintenance Companies, and Aviation Professionals. CPaT’s Distance Learning Training Courses are designed to FAA, EASA, ICA, O, and DGAC compliant and meet IOSA standards.”(Our Company – CPaT Global, n.d.)

At the end of the stage, you will receive a certificate from CPaT Certifying your online training course’s competition.


On this second stage, you will be taking an intensive ground school that includes but is not limited to:

  • V Speeds & Mach numbers
  • Multi-Engine and High-Speed Aerodynamics
  • CFR Part 1, 61, 117, 119, 121… Regulations
  • Performance and Weight & Balance
  • Flight Emergencies
  • Flight Physiology
  • Weather
  • Navigation Equipment & Facilities
  • A320 Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Operations & Flows


On the third stage of the course, you will be taking a flight simulator familiarization course that will prepare you for the 20 hours of simulator training.


On the last stage, you will be flying with one of our highly qualified A320 flight instructors that will guide you through and work with you for 20 hours inside a flight simulator divided into six sessions of four hours per day, for five days.

These sessions are divided as:

    • Four Sessions of Four hours (16HRS), which consist of all training preparing you for the A320 normal and emergency operations
    • Two Sessions of Two hours (4HRS):
      • For the first two hours, students will be receiving a general review.
      • For the last two hours, you will be taking the Jet Transition End Of Course. In this evaluation, you will be tested on proper take-off, landing, flows, one emergency, teamwork, and communications.

Course Duration

  • Jet Transition Ground: 2 Weeks
  • Jet Transition Sim Sessions: 1 to Weeks
  • Total Duration of the Course: 3 to 4 Weeks

Note: Cpat Certificate required to be complete before Jet Transition Ground.

Course Pricing

Please contact ADF Flight School for pricing information

2021 Jet Transition Estimate Course Dates

Note: Due to COVID-19 Current situation, these dates can change

Cpat Entrance Exam

January 25
March 29
May 24
July 26
September 27
November 8

Ground Course

February 1
April 5
May 31
August 2
October 4
November 15

1st Week of Simulator

February 15
April 19
June 14
August 16
October 18
November 22

2nd Week of Simulator (On-Demand)

February 22
April 26
June 21
August 23
October 25
November 29

Additional Courses

  • Cpat Certification Course
  • Airline Interview Preparation Course
  • A320 Type Rating

For more information, please contact at [email protected] or 1 786 806 2635.

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