The Next Generation Jet Transition Program

Ask any first time Airline Employee what their initial training was like and most will give you words like “overwhelming, intense, and extremely fast paced.” Others have compared the training to trying to take a drink of water from a fire hose at full blast.   The goal of the Next Generation Advanced Training Program is to give you an edge before you enter whirlwind paced world of Airline Ground School.

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Why Should I Take this Course? Isn’t Commercial Training Enough?

In order to succeed in the modern cockpit, today’s pilots must know more than just the basic requirements for a commercial pilot certificate. They must be knowledgeable of advanced systems, able to function in a two (or more) person cockpit, and capable of understanding and properly reacting to changing events on the ground and in the air. The Next Generation Advanced Training Program can give you that skill and knowledge.

ADF Airways’  ATP preparation program uses a state of the art next generation Airline Simulator in  an intensive curriculum consisting of two phases:  The Airline Interview Preparation Course and the Jet Training Course.

Airline Interview Preparation Course

Giving pilots the knowledge they need to succeed at the highest levels, the Airline Interview Preparation Course (AIPC) consists of 80 hours of advanced aviation topics ranging from flight operations to advanced aerodynamics.  Students completing this course are eligible to take the ATP written exam.

 Jet Training Course

Working in a two person environment and guided by our most experienced instructors, students gain the skills they need to succeed in an airline training program. Completing the program exposes the student to advanced flight techniques, which should make their transition to airline training much easier. For details about the program, click here (coming soon)

Confidence Matters. Build it Here

Knowing what to expect before you go into an airline program or interview can make the difference between a smooth transition and a feeling of being lost in a strange world.  This program gives you the confidence in knowing that you have seen the concepts before and were able to successfully complete the challenge. And since the training comes from ADF Airways, a leader in the training industry with exceptionally high standards, you know that you will have the required skills and knowledge to succeed at your next interview or training.

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