Our Aviation Courses

As one of the finest flight schools Miami has to offer, ADF Airways has a variety of aviation courses to suit all interests. Click on any pilot training program below to learn more.

Private Pilot Course

Our private pilot license training is a great start for students, whether you’re seeking an airline job or flying for fun.

Instrument Ratings

Instrument Rating Course

Already passed your pilot certification and looking to get to next level aviation courses? This rating allows you to fly in less than ideal weather, improving your ability to think in the clouds and plan ahead.

Commercial Single Engine Course

Once you know how to get your commercial pilot license, you’ve made the first step toward getting paid to fly. ADF Airways will steer your course toward successfully obtaining this pilot certification.

Multi-Engine Course

Challenge yourself by expanding your experience with a Multi-Engine rating. Flying an aircraft with more than one engine can be more strenuous, but that makes the success even more rewarding.

ATP Interview

ATP Interview Preparation

Ready to become an Airline Transport Pilot? Our interview prep will equip you to answer any question so you’re ready to fly for a major airline without pre-interview turbulence.

Jet Transition CPAT

Take your training to new heights with our Jet Transition training. Learn advanced flight techniques and develop the skills to succeed in the cockpit so you know what to expect before starting your airline transport pilot training.


Dispatch Course

Alongside the airline captain, dispatchers share responsibility for the safety of a flight. Learn how to coordinate flight plans, respond to emergency forecasts, and make exciting decisions under pressure as a flight dispatcher.

Flight Instructors

Flight Instructors

Become a Certified Flight Instructor and teach new students how to steer the skies. This pilot training program offers three instructor options so you too can become a leader in your field.

Airline Adventure

Take off with ADF’s Airline Adventure.


We’re with you every step. It’s time to take off. Our flight training Miami academy awaits!

FAA Testing Center

Preparing for the FAA written exam or an instrument rating assessment? Our testing facility specializes in the FAA knowledge tests required for flight and aviation training.

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