It Started With One Airplane and One Mission

Over 3 decades ago, Alex Derly Farkas started a small flight school with just one aircraft.  Alex had a passion for flying and had spent most of her time until then learning how to fly everything from hang gliders to advanced airplanes. Having gained enough experience to become a flight instructor, she felt a need to share her vast experience with others who had a passion for flying.  On January 1st, 1984, Alex and her sister Yasmin created ADF Airways; it’s mission: To give students the tools they would need to succeed in the complex world of aviation.

As ADF graduates went out into the aviation world, they displayed superior knowledge and airmanship. Aviation organizations began to take notice, and through word of mouth, the number of students began increasing, as did the number of aircraft and instructors.

Today, ADF airways has a fleet of aircraft ranging from single engine basic trainers to the latest in glass cockpit technology.  ADF airways are a fully certificated part 141 flight school, meeting the rigorous standards set by the US Federal Aviation Administration. We have graduated over 6,000 pilots and helped them attain well over 20,000 certificates.

Although the company has grown over the years, we still maintain the same family atmosphere we had when Alex had a plane and a mission. We strongly believe that pilots are members of an elite group, and while we have high standards, we work with all of our students to help them achieve their goals.

Why ADF?

With so many flight schools out there, why would you want to choose ADF airways for your flight training? The answers: Quality and Honesty.

Quality: Other flight schools may promise you quick graduation times but they have to sacrifice some learning in order to get you there. While these schools will meet the minimums for a particular certificate or rating, they sometimes fail to turn out quality pilots.  ADF Airways will sit with you, tailor your training to meet your individual needs, and set realistic deadlines which will allow you to become a quality pilot that exceeds the FAA requirements.

Honesty:  Some flight schools will promise you a set rate to get all of your certificates and rating, but do not tell you about additional fees and expenses. ADF Airways does its level best to make certain you understand all fees and expenses you might incur during your training. In some cases, students actually spend less than the original ADF estimate.

We’re here if you need us.

Call, e-mail us, or fax us. We’re here to answer any questions you may have regarding training or aviation in general. Once you get to know us, you’ll like our approach, and we’re certain you’ll choose ADF airways to guide you into the wonderful world of aviation.

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