Obtaining a US Driver’s License

The process of obtaining a US Driver’s License is fairly straightforward, but there are a few things you must have in advance before making an appointment with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. This page will give you all of the information you need to be prepared.

You have 30 days to get a Florida Driver’s License

Once you are in the US, your foreign driver’s license is valid for 30 days

You must prove that you are legally in the US

Your passport with the Visa stamp is normally enough to satisfy this requirement

You need to establish Florida Residence Requirements

You must be able to prove that you are living in the state of Florida. Prof of residence can come in many forms, but they usually consist of mailed statements (bills) from companies to your physical address. Some examples include:

  • Utility Bills
  • Cell Phone Bills
  • Auto Insurance Bills

You can also find other forms of proof of residence by reading the Florida Driver’s Handbook (There’s a link below)

You must take a written and practical (road) test.The written test consists of 20 questions and identification of 20 road signs (figures). The road test consists of performing driving tasks listed in the driving handbook. Be prepared in advance by making sure you thouroughly read through this page, have the required documentation, and prepare for both tests.

In order to prepare for the written test, we strongly recommend you download and read the Driver’s License manual by clicking here.

Once you have read the manual and know what to expect, you can contact your local DMV branch to schedule an appointment. You can determine your branch by determining what county you live in (ask ADF if you are in doubt) and clicking the link below to find the nearest DMV.

Find Your Nearest Florida DMV location

Things to take to your appointment

On the day of your appointment, make sure you have the following

  • Proof of legal US residence (passport with visa)
  • 2 Proofs of Florida residence (as described above)
  • Your foreign driver’s license
  • A properly registered and insured motor vehicle (for the road test)
  • The fee for the examination

With the above documentation, you should be ready to take both the written and the road test. Good Luck!

Driver’s License Manual

Click here to download the Florida Driver’s Handbook. You should use this handbook as a study guide in preparation for the written exam.

For the Spanish version of the handbook, click here.

For motorcycle safety handbook, click on your language (English)  (Spanish)

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