Miami: An international city that serves as the gateway to Latin America

ADF is located in the heart of the cultural melting pot which is Miami. Our central location offers something for every taste and for every culture. Restaurants, shopping centers, parks, and attractions are only few of the many amenities that you will find in our backyard.

From the bustling board walks of south beach and its bohemian beats and galleries, to the luxury and class of Coral Gables, there is always something for everyone to do, but as a pilot in training you will discover even MORE to explore. Your training will take you to places such the beautiful Florida Keys, the streets of Saint Augustine- the oldest city in America, or even to the emerald beaches and powder white sands of the Bahaman islands.

Develop your passion; experience flight training in paradise, and learn flying skills which will last you for a lifetime. Come fly with ADF Airways!

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