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We like to believe that ADF students are a cut above the rest. For our international students whose primary language is not English, we take additional steps to assure ICAO English proficiency standards can be met. We believe that being proficient in the English language before beginning training dramatically increases a student’s opportunity for success.

It’s not enough to be technically proficient and knowledgeable; the FAA requires all US pilots be able to read, write and understand the English language at a basic level. The ADF Proficiency Interview can help students succeed by assuring they meet language requirements or suggesting improvement techniques if the student needs a little help getting up to standards.

English proficiency interviews are scheduled in advance. Interviewees will be notified in advance via email as to the time and date of the event. They can be done via Skype or one-on-one at ADF. The interview is a  “conversation” with either our Chief Pilot or our Program Coordinator. During that conversation, the instructor gauges the potential student’s English speaking abilities by using tested methods. For example, the interviewer might ask the student to tell them about their hometown in English or ask them to read a paragraph from a book. To be clear, we are not interviewing students to get an understanding of their aviation knowledge. Our goal is to make sure that students can communicate properly using English. At the end of the interview, applicants either be asked to improve their English Skills or they will be accepted into the academy.


Please note that these interviews are to help the student to take the right decision and can save time and cost. Remember that FAA regulations requires pilots to speak, write and read English. English is also the official international aviation language.

Please note that VISA and TSA processing will not begin until the student has successfully demonstrated English proficiency.


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