In the Airline World, it takes a team to run a safe flight. Dispatchers are a vital part of that team.

So what exactly does a dispatcher do? The short answer is everything a pilot would do except actually fly the airplane. This means they check the weather, fuel requirements, weight and balance, regulatory restrictions (if any) the legality of the crew (is the crew current, do they have the right certificate for the airplane they are about to fly?).

Why do I want to be an aircraft dispatcher?

Aircraft dispatchers work with airline and corporate pilots to assure that all flights under their supervision depart and arrive safely and in compliance with regulations. Dispatchers have an awesome and unique responsibility. They are the “Co-Captains” for every flight, calculating everything from required fuel, to best routing options, to when the flight can and cannot leave the gate.

A good dispatcher is in high demand and can earn over $100, 000 per year, with starting salaries in the $30,000 s plus benefits. And the best part about being a dispatcher is that you don’t need a college degree or years of training; one in-depth, advanced 10 – week course is all that’s keeping you from your next challenging adventure! Come join us at ADF and let us help you launch what could be the best career you never knew existed.

At present, there is a shortage of qualified dispatchers. You could be one of them, and ADF can help you with their Dispatcher course, which is conducted by ADF Aircraft Dispatcher School. For more information, click here (you will be directed to another site).

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