• Alex Derly Farkas
    Alex Derly Farkas Founder, CEO
    • Yazmin Farkas
      Yazmin Farkas President
      • Shirley Farkas
        Shirley Farkas Human Resources Manager
        • Adriana Ramirez
          Adriana Ramirez Comptroller, Customer Relations
          • Manuel Torres
            Manuel Torres Testing Center Proctor
            • Maureen Ramirez
              Maureen Ramirez Office and Event Planning
              • Alicia Farkas
                Alicia Farkas Fueling Coordinator
                • Nelly Cuellar
                  Nelly Cuellar Human Resources Assistant

                  LATIN AMERICA DIVISION

                  • Yuleny Echeverry
                    Yuleny Echeverry Program Coordinator, Sales Manager, IATE, Colombia
                    • David Leguisamo Donoso
                      David Leguisamo Donoso Program Coordinator, Sales Manager, Ecuador
                      • Felix Marin
                        Felix Marin Academic Counselor, Peru
                        • Claudia Cabral
                          Claudia Cabral Academic Counselor Bogota, Colombia
                          • Martha Leon
                            Martha Leon Academic Counselor, Panama
                            • Selina Zhang
                              Selina Zhang Program Coordinator, Sales Manager, Asia

                              OPERATIONS, GENERAL

                              • Paola Flores
                                Paola Flores ACCOUNTING, DATA ENTRY
                                • Tatiana Ramirez
                                  Tatiana Ramirez Community Manager
                                  • Alex Daniel Bonilla Farkas
                                    Alex Daniel Bonilla Farkas JEPPESEN ONLINE TRAINING COORDINATOR
                                    • Nubia Yaneth Suarez
                                      Nubia Yaneth Suarez Accounting Assistant
                                      • Stephen Leguisamo
                                        Stephen Leguisamo Jet Transition Manager
                                        • David Zambrano
                                          David Zambrano Dispatcher, convalidation coordinator
                                          • Ali Irausquin
                                            Ali Irausquin MAINTENANCE MANAGER
                                            • Andre Thais
                                              Andre Thais Dispatcher
                                              • Luis Lopez
                                                Luis Lopez Dispatcher
                                                • Maria Eugenia Ortega Alarcon
                                                  Maria Eugenia Ortega Alarcon Event Assistant

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