At ADF we recognize the investment of your valuable time and money when taking the ATP CTP course. Our program provides the highest quality content taught by the best industry professionals. This guarantees that you get the most out of your investment.

ADF continues to offer premium training at an affordable cost. If you are planning on doing the ATP-CTP course, ADF should be your choice, to help you continue climbing the ladder of your career and get ready for the airline.

Who is this course intended for?

  1. For pilots that are in process of validating their foreign commercial pilot license towards a Private pilot license based on their foreign license with MEL.

Requirements for validation:

  • Current commercial license with MEL in their country
  • Letter of Authenticity issued by the FAA in Oklahoma
  • 61.75: private pilot license with MEL rating based on their foreign license
  • Instrument Rating
  1. For those who have just graduated as Commercial pilots, do not meet the hours requirements and/or are not 23 years old and wish to gain more knowledge and experience with the ATP-CTP program.

Our ATP – CTP consists of:


Our program Schedule is:

What can I do after completing the ATP-CTP program with ADF?

After you complete the ATP CTP program and meet all the requirements to obtain the ATP license, we can help you obtain this license at ADF.

To obtain the ATP License, you must meet the following requirements:

NOTE: The pilot will obtain a multi-engine ATPL and his restriction of “foreign license based” will be waived.

Hour Requirements to apply to the ATP License:

  • 1500 total flight hours
  • 500 cross-country hours
  • 100-night flight hours
  • 75 Instrument rating hours (or 75 hours with the minimum of 45-night landing)
  • The maximum time required of 50 in simulator time (25 of which can be in a simulator)
  • Be at least 23 years

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