Sales Director – Aircraft Development Flight Airways Corp. Miami, FL, Bachelor, 2yr experience as Sales Director or Sales Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Determine the specific objectives for the marketing team.
  • Know how to solve business and / or marketing problems.
  • Make decisions when necessary and timely.
  • Set priorities, act as leader, set an example for the entire sales structure.
  • Specify the different commercial channels, the structure, size and routes.
  • Prepare the sales forecasts together with the marketing department, recruit select and train sales personnel.
  • Choose the forms of remuneration of employees (fixed, variable, incentives, commissions), motivate and energize staff to achieve the objectives set, control the work performed.
  • Provide the market feedback to the Marketing Department.
  • Collaborate with the online marketing department to be able to correctly position the web and social networks of the company.
  • Establish the pricing policy together with the Production Department and the Marketing Department.
  • Report to general management.
  • Comply with the margin policy for each of the sales channels.
  • Design the strategies.
  • Support in the acquisition and negotiation with the Large Accounts, or with the established Customers.
  • Manage the client portfolio assigned to Commercial Management (large accounts, strategic clients).
  • Manage computer packages.

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