From Private to ATP, We’ll help you reach your goals.

Private Pilot Training

Whether your plan is to get an airline job or to just fly for fun, most students begin their traning by getting their Private Pilot License.   Click here to learn more

Instrument Rating

Already a Private Pilot and looking to get to the next level? This rating allows you to fly in clouds and weather that is less than perfect. The rating also improves your ability to think in space and plan ahead. Click here for more information on the Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot Training

The Commercial Pilot Certificate is the first step toward getting paid for flying. ADF Airways will guide you through everything you need to successfully obtain this certificate. Click here for more information

Certified Flight Instructor

Flight Instructors are special people. They are leaders in their field and they demonstrate that they have what it takes to be in command. Click here for more information on becoming a Flight Instructor

Airline Transport Pilot

One of the final goals in an Airline Career. The ATP requires fine tuned skills and lots of logged time. Click here for more information

FAA Testing Center

ADF Airways is a fully certified lasergrade testing center, offering written tests for all pilot and flight instructor written tests. Click here to see all available tests