For over 3 decades, ADF Airways has offered international students the best available training in preparation for their future aviation careers.
Many of our graduates have moved onto jobs with Major, Regional and Corporate organizations around the world. Our graduates work for airlines such as LAN, Aerorepublica, Aires, Avianca, American Eagle, ASA, American west, American Airlines, Atlas, Qatar Airways and many others.
Our accelerated training programs are built to the highest standards, and can allow you to obtain your certificates and be ready for an interview with a commercial operator in a little as 10 months.
We operate a fleet of Cessna 172’s, which are rigorously maintained to assure the safest possible training environment. Our record as a flight school – among the best in the industry – is just one area that shows our commitment to maintenance and safety. Although our aircraft are modern and very well maintained, we still manage to keep our training costs competitive.
Located in sunny Miami Florida, we are ideally suited for flight training, with good weather throughout most of the year. Additionally, we are geographically within many airports that can be used for navigation planning and flight training. Most of these airports contain the latest navigation equipment that will enhance your training experience.
If you need help with living accommodations, we can help you. We offer everything from apartments in family homes to houses for rent, all within the local area and shopping centers (transportation is optional. See the transportation section for more information).
Our program consists of three Licenses: Private Pilot Single Engine, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Single and Multi-Engine, and Jet transition with our 737800 NG Simulator.
50 Hours in a Cessna 172 with an Instructor (Dual Time)
10 Hours in a Cessna 172 by yourself (Solo Time)
35 Hours of Ground School
30 Hours in a Cessna 172 with an instructor
20 Hours in a Simulator
30 Hours of Ground School
16 hours in our Next Generation 737-800 Sim
80 Hours of Ground School
94 Hours of Cross Country Time Building (Solo Time)
5 Hours of night flight (Solo)
10 Hours in a simulator
10 Hours in a multi-engine Piper Seminole
10 Hours with and instructor to practice commercial maneuvers. Maneuvers will be in a constant speed, retractable gear aircraft.
4 Hours Cross Country Flight Training with an instructor ( day-night cross country)
7 Hours of Cross Country Flying (250 nautical mile requirement)
20 Hours 1 on 1 Ground School
Total Flight Time : 220 Hours in an airplane, 30 Hours in a simulator, and 16 hours in our 737-800 NG
165 Hours of Ground School
Oral Exam Guides
Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit
Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Pilot Kit
Cessna 172 POH
Piper Seminole POH
First Class Medical Certificate Fee
TSA and M-1 Visa
3 Written Examinations
4 Practical (Oral and Flight) examinations
165 Hours of Ground School
10 Hours of Pre-and Post Flight Briefings at the Private Pilot level
10 Hours of Pre and Post Flight Briefings at the Instrument Pilot level
5 Hours of Pre and Post flight briefings at the Commercial Pilot Single Engine Level
5 Hours of Pre and Post flight briefings at the Commercial Multi-Engine level
55 Hours of Ground School
80 Hours of Advanced Ground School for the 737-800 NG (Jet Transition)
116 Hours Solo/PIC Consisting Of
10 Solo at the Private Pilot level
94 Hours time building (Shared)
7 Hours Long Cross Country (more than 250 nautical miles)
5 Hours of night flying
150 Hours Dual Time (with an instructor)
50 Hours at the Private Pilot level
30 Hours at the Instrument level
20 Hours in a simulator for Instrument Rating
10 Hours in a simulator for Commercial Rating
10 Hours in a multi-engine aircraft (dual)
10 Hours training for commercial maneuvers in a Piper Arrow
4 Hours cross country training (day and night cross country)
16 Hours in our 737-800 NG Simulator
Total Aircraft Flight Time – 220 Hours
Total Simulator Time – 30 Hours
Total 737-NG Simulator – 16 Hours
Total Ground Training Time – 165 Hours